In keeping with the material theme, we needed a protagonist that was to be made out one of the most commonly known materials there is. And the first thing to pop into my head was rubber. Not just because its elasticity could represent the characters cool design and personality, but also because its stretching abilities could make both the character and vehicle look very dynamic.

I initially wanted to make the character an anthropomorphic duck character, suiting one of the most classic uses of rubber; rubber duckies. But it was later changed to a cool kid character instead. It felt more right to make the protagonist something more relateable than a walking rubber ducky. However, his name is still a reference to the original idea. “Rubber Ducky” = “Rubber Dougie” = “Dougie”, get it?

The body design was relatively simple; a rubber suit that is naturally skintight, but the pattern on top would resemble a classic racing suit. As for what the pattern would look like, that was decided in accordance with the design of the vehicle; a fire motif. Thus, I went for classic flames all across his body. His head design gave me a bit of a head-scratching as to what it could resemble, but then it eventually hit me to use the imagery of a rubber hedgehog for the shape of the head. This in turn gave the character a wacky and appealing hair style that I myself personally love. It needed a bit more pizazz to it, so I added a cap that covers half of the head to make the hair look scrunchy and compressed; the ideal look for a teenager. It also covers half of his big eyes, giving him a strangely cocky look to his face. When designing the cap, I looked back at the original duck idea and decided to colour his cap in the scheme of a classic rubber ducky. And I added an extra head bang. Not only to suit the style of the rubber hedgehog idea, but also because it looks extra cool.

Personality-wise, there really wasn’t much time to build on that seeing as how more effort needed to be made in just designing the character. But I think I got the point across in showing that he’s cool and eager to race. And his half-covered eyes and cocky grin shows that he has a bit of an ego as well.

Sadly, there wasn’t enough time in the year for the programmers to put Dougie into the game. Which is a shame. Out of all the characters for the game, this was the one I was the most looking forward to seeing a 3D model out of.

Final_Design_Sketch Concept_Sketches_55 Concept_Sketches_57