The place where Mr. Love and Mrs. You have their little Dive Bomb Pool competition in the book.

Besides the pool are two cliffs that are angled in such a way they pour an endless supply of gooey streams. One cliff has a stream full of strawberry delight, as seen by the strawberries that enhance its flavour. And on the other cliff is a stream full of white chocolate goodness, as seen by the chunks of white chocolate that give it its refreshing taste. The cliff formation underneath looks like tis oozing towards the pool, but it has hardened, keeping the rock in place.

The two streams pour into a whirling pool, that whirls very slowly that it won’t suck anyone in, but instead forms a delightful swirling pattern of strawberry and cream, which from a far top view, looks ideally like a bullseye target, making it useful for this competition. The pool is surrounded by candy floss, to cushion fallers that go a bit off course. And also marshmallow trees that also serve the same purpose, but provide a solid enough ground for spectators to sit on and enjoy the competition unfolding.

It’s also a pleasant tourist attraction. :)