I actually can’t go in too much detail on this one, because the identity to Toffee’s appearance is actually kept secret in the book, at least for a few pages since he is introduced.

All you need to know about Toffee is that he is Mr. Love and Mrs. You’s pet. As you can see, his design is reptilian of sorts, and I will say that I made good on my part to make his design as sweet as possible. In that he is literally made out of¬†toffee. His tail and claws are tough but edible nougat, his scales can shed and are like big chewy plates, and his belly is made out of gooey and luscious caramel. Don;t even think about eating him though! He will get very mad at you if you do! And his immense size shows he can be quite intimidating if you get on his bad side.

So what is Toffee exactly? …You’ll just have to read the book to find out!