Karts & Crafts was a video game that I assisted in making as part of my final year major project in my university Illustration course.

I volunteered to help the Games Design course of the same university by joining one of their groups in designing a game, because one of their members left the course early into the year and they were left without a designer. The game they had to make was a kart racing game, similar to the likes of Mario Kart. However, its distinguishable theme was that of materials; everything and everyone was made out of a certain material. And this in turn would effect the gameplay by creating certain perks for each character, kart, and stage.

For instance, there could have been a stage made of sandpaper that, when racers drift on it, would cause immense dust clouds, or cause great sparks that leave a trail of fire with every drift. Another example would be a kart made of rock; it would be slow, but very tough against enemy projectiles. In the end, those were just ideas. All I had to do was design a few characters and karts to be used in the game.

These are the results of that project. And even though it was not a paid project, and wasn’t even an actual job and more of a school assignment, it is nevertheless the first game I have ever worked on. Unfortunately, as far as I know, it was never finished, nor do the team I worked with seem interested in finishing it. So I cannot post any links or such to a website or a demo of the game. Which is a pity.

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