This long-titled project is a children’s book that I also made for my final year major project in my university Illustration course. The story was created by Martin Small, and I offered to take his manuscript and illustrate the whole thing into one big picture book. It took me around 7-8 months to make, and was the project that took up most of my time in my final university year. The project seemed so bizarre, with a strange premise and weird happenings in the book, but I nevertheless took the challenge and illustrated the entire thing. I won’t show all the pages I made here; only a few examples, and I will also show the designs of the characters and locations that I made, as per Martin Small’s specifications.

The book will soon be undergoing a Kickstarter to get it published. I shall link you to it when it is available.

Until then, you can learn more about the book through these following links.

Martin Small Books Facebook Page

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