This one was made for a friend who wanted me to draw a card for her father for her upcoming birthday.

She wanted him to be portrayed as Monsieur Thernadier from Les Miserables, specifically his appearance in The 25th Anniversary Concert where the particular character was played by Matt Lucas. And she also wanted him to be holding a jug of beer in a cheery sorta pose.

This was a strange commission indeed; I can only assume her father is a big fan of Les Miserables. But it was interesting all the same. I wanted to take this opportunity to play with certain effects in Photoshop, like the lighting and filters. And these effects were done to further reference Les Miserables. The text of the card is drawn in the same font as the original title of the book, the shading on her father is based on the style of the drawing of Cosette on the front cover of the book, and the red flag in the background is based on one of Les Miserables’ posters.

This was overall a fun commission.