Species: Squite

Age: 5

Personality: Bored, Introvert, Lackadaisical

Description: Poppy is a Squite of Old Folk Forest, whose main job is being the receptionist for the area. But because hardly anyone visits the forest, and the entirety of the area is housed by old, senile trees, Poppy is in a constant state of boredom. Though some Squites say that when she was young, she used to be very energetic and sociable, hence why she was called “Poppy”.

But despite her lazy demeanour, she likes doing all sorts of activities to pass the time, including sports, mahjong, acting, pretty much everything. She makes it her life’s goal to do every activity she can in her life. But when she has no idea what to do next, she instantly acts bored and just plays with her clipboard, claiming it’s “work”.

She doesn’t usually play with the other Squites, and likes to do all her activities by herself, but she isn’t quick to dismiss a group activity given the request.

In her spare time playing with her clipboard, she had an idea that she wants to share with the world; a tablet that can be used to send people messages you write, and even call them. The other Squites dismiss this saying she’s gone crazy with boredom.

Appearance: Like most other Squites, she has a long thin body, similar to a spectre. Her fur is turquoise grey, with darker patches on her tail, back and head. She has long hair that she wraps into a big bun. Her eyes often have a sunken expression to them, with her eyelids being the same colour as the dark patches on her fur. And her eyelashes twirl up at the end. She wears wooden spectacles that don’t have any glass in them; she wears them just for show. They are wrapped around her neck by a wooden necklace. And she often carries her trusty clipboard and pencil, both made out of wood. These wood parts were made by excess bark from the trees, so she hasn’t committed a tree murder just to make those accessories. She is often seen nestling into her tail like it’s a beanbag.