Species: Skorned

Age: N/A

Personality: Ravenous, Dominant, Vulgar

Description: Stirrix is a gargantuan Skorned who is also a captain of the army. You can tell he’s a captain by his armour; which is horned, and a cape that bears the emblem of their race. Stirrix however, does not display the tact and professionalism of a captain, for he is an incredibly crude type. He swears like a sailor (at least swears that are gibberish to us) and enjoys exerting his strength to the point where he has a grizzled appearance.

Stirrix loves his food, and has gained quite the potbelly from his ravenous appetite. He still couldn’t be considered a connoisseur of cooking, but he sometimes likes to describe his delicious meals with such poetry and description. It is one of the few times where he shows some tact about something. …Before he dines on his food like pig and makes a mess everywhere. The Skorned aren’t known for their etiquette, but even they get annoyed at his disgusting table manners.

But because Stirrix is a captain, they have no choice but to bear his attitude and endure his harsh orders. He treats his minions like dirt, and seems to have let the power of a captain go to his head. Many of the Skorned wonder how he achieved captain status with such crude behaviour. They believe it is because of his bulky physique, which isn’t just for show, as he can rip a hog roast in half with his bare hands, so it might be the case.

His favourite food is owls. And because they are thought to be extinct in Yanside, naturally he’s very cranky when he is sent there to gather more villages for their malicious ends.

A certain ability that all captains of the Skorned share is to possess any creature / object they please with their armour. They do this by pulling off their armour and sticking it onto their desired victim; melding into them and transforming them into a horrible hybrid, which combines the appearances of both parties, as well as gain new abilities. It is this ability that make them the elite of the pecking order. And Stirrix utilised this ability at the end at Chapter 3, when he is forced to fuse with Toby the owl to destroy Artie.

Appearance: Stirrix is a bulky beastie. His arms and legs swell with huge muscle mass, to the point where the veins are clearly visible. However, he also has a pot belly. Though he is still bulky, his stomach size juts out quite a bit. His breed appearance is that of a bulldog, with sickeningly green skin, dotted randomly with darker patches; his left arm is nearly covered in patches. He has very jiggly jowels underneath his chin, grizzled sideburns, and a scruffy left ear. He wears horned armour on his big stomach, which is not the brightest thing to do given that’s his weakness. But he compensates for this by having his other pieces of armour being attached to the inner side of his biceps, making them hard to hit. Lastly, he wears a red cape that is adorned with the symbol of their leader; the emblem of the Skorned. This cape however, is quite torn at the bottom.

– Stirrix’ skin colour was based on the colour of greed; green. Admittedly, a green and purple combination would have made great camouflage for the setting of Old Folk Forest, but I hadn’t realised the possibility.
– Stirrix’ name is based on the mythical owl monsters; “Strix”. Which works since he eventually turns into an owl monster at the end of Chapter 3.
– Stirrix’ appearance is based on my pet bulldog; Lola. Though she doesn’t look nearly as monstrous as him, it is mainly the patch placement that inspired his design.