The Wolkhar (pronounced “wo-kar”) are a race that bears the closest resemblance to Humans. The recognisable features about a Wolkhar that you can spot when you see them are their huge rubbery arms, their short legs, and their large afros. Just like Humans, Wolkhar come in all shapes and sizes and have the same life cycle as Humans too. But their bulky stature allows them to do heavier tasks than Humans, and are widely known for their resourcefulness and survival tips in extreme conditions. Artie is a Wolkhar, and so though it may seem weird to have a non-Human character as the protagonist in a fantasy setting like this, I want to at least try it because it’s a more interesting choice. I designed Artie before designing the race as a whole and as a result, his design inspired the race’s traits and specifications.

First off, as said before, because of their bulky arms, they’re more useful in jobs and situations that require heavy physical work, such as construction, mining and blacksmithing. Their arms are also very rubbery, meaning they can stretch and squish, kinda like a Stretch Armstrong, only not that stretchy, and their blood isn’t made of corn syrup. Most of the anatomy of their arms, as well as their legs consist of muscle mass, making most of them very strong, providing an advantage in a fight. The downside to their huge stretchy arms is their stubby fingers, which can make jobs requiring delicate finger work difficult to impossible. To compensate for this, tools like scissors, pencils, screwdrivers and so on are custom-built for Wolkhar hands.

Another downside to the hugeness of their arms is that, for babies, they can’t lift them until they are strong enough to do so, which by average is usually at 3 years old. Because of this, parents keep them close to their side at all times, because the inability to move their arms makes the babies even more defenceless. And a parent doesn’t assist in helping the babies move their arms; they have to learn it on their own, because it is seen as a coming-of age.

The Wolkhar herald strength above all others, and so they have trials made customarily for the children to face and grow stronger. A completion of a trial is a further rite of passage into maturity, according to Wolkhar customs. For instance, on their 10th birthday, a Wolkhar boy or girl has to venture into a deep cave and retrieve a hidden jewel / item that their parents placed for them when they were younger as preparation for the trial. When they re-emerge from the cave with the jewel / item in hand, they passed the trial and are a bit more respected as adults. If they fail however, they are still seen as children, which can be very vexing to their pride, but at the very least, they can try again. The jewel / item they acquired the child holds on to dearly for it is a sign of their accomplishment. Another thing to note about children is that they are very small, but once they enter teenage years, they grow up pretty quickly.

Wolkhar are also endotherms, meaning they are hot-blooded. This doesn’t affect their personalities, however it does allow them to survive in harshly cold temperatures. This trait plays into their easy adaptation in wilderness survival. And because Wolkhar like to test themselves with heavy physical labour, it metabolises their body heat, further keeping them warm against cold environments. On the other hand though, this also means that Wolkhar can’t survive in areas of extreme heat, like volcanoes or deserts, and some are known to die of heat exhaustion very quickly.

The most recognisable feature about the Wolkhar is their afros. Though limited to one hairstyle, they can come in many different shapes, sizes and colours. Some of their afros are even square in shape! It’s customary for every Wolkhar to have an afro hairstyle, and it is largely unheard for a Wolkhar to have a different hairstyle like a bowl but or a mohawk. Even older Wolkhar going through a bit of baldness still manage to retain the poofiness of their afro. No one knows why they prefer to have this hairstyle. Some believe it is a product of culturism; that this style plays a large role not just in terms of their appearance, but also their culture. As such, it is rumoured that a Wolkhar without an afro is forever shunned by peers of their race.

And that is as much information I can think of for the Wolkhar for the time being. As Golden Sky Hero continues on, no doubt more details and lore about the race will be explored, so stay invested!