I made these illustrations for my friend; Greg Fischer and his upcoming comic; Garden Variety.

Greg Fischer is the cover illustrator of Chapter 3 and Chapter 4 of Golden Sky Hero. In return he asked not for profit, but for to illustrate the covers for his comic, which I happily agreed to.

Garden Variety is about three plant girls who all live in the same apartment, and the comic captures their zany struggles to pay rent. It is set in a winter world called Pollendale, where it ironically has little plant life beyond the denizens who are plants themselves. It features a shy cactus girl named Nopal, a rebellious cauliflower girl named Colette, a sporty broccoli girl named Lee, a highly intelligent beetroot woman named Ava, a musclebound durian man named Jack, and an eccentric radish man named Raphael.

See more details of Garden Variety and Greg Fischer here: FischHead

Click on the frames below for an extensive description about each one.