Page 1 of ‘I Have Decided’.

A pretty simple page; just Jesus laughing along with some children.

This image was drawn twice; once in Adobe Illustrator and another in Adobe Photoshop. This, along with all the other illustrations were drawn in Adobe Photoshop. The reason being was that the style of the visual reference sent to me by Katy Hailes was presumably drawn in Illustrator, as it had that certain style. But Katy wanted my style of illustration from all my other works, so the decision was made to have all the images drawn in Photoshop.

Jesus’ design also required a couple of drafts. The initial design I went with was the typical look of Jesus – bright white robe, red sash, long tidy hair and beard – but Katy wanted something a bit more contemporary, so I had a little bit of a search to see what can classify as modern, and thus I designed Jesus in the way you see him now. The rough, raggedy appearance felt more fitting for Jesus given the environment of his home in Nazareth.

I also wanted the kids’ poses to come off as more lively, rather than just have him standing perfectly still, hence the lofty postures of their stances.

There was no need for a background, as per instruction, so I stuck with a simple white background.

Image in Illustrator: Jesus_Laughing_Illustrator