Page 8 of ‘I Have Decided’. This is a simple image of a child playing in God’s hands.

It’s a tough call, but I think this might be my favourite image out of the project. I just love how I managed to capture pure bliss in this drawing.

I loved the idea of a little person playing in a much bigger person’s hands by climbing and sliding all around them. And so I had this image of playfulness in mind before I started drawing. And I love the result; especially the windswept feel of the boy’s hair.

The tricky part was the background. No background was necessary, but this time I felt like I had to include a bright sky with a beautifully coloured light. Though the sky wasn’t as bright at first, it is thanks to Katy for suggesting the idea of bright pink clouds to make this image of wonderment feel complete.

The light in the background though I thought could be done a bit better. I wanted to put some highlights of bright pink, yellow and orange into the shine, but they’re hardly noticeable. And even after fiddling with different gradient effects and filters, I still couldn’t get the light to look exactly the way I want it to. But it at least looks inviting and radiant, and so I’m happy with it.