‘ I Have Decided’ is a commissioned project where I had to draw a small children’s booklet for a church in Manchester. The client for this project was Katy Hailes, a young woman who is one of the Sunday School teachers of that particular church.

The aim of the booklet was to help kids better explain their want to become Christians by telling their parents the story of Jesus Christ. The booklet is aimed towards 5 – 11 year olds who should have ease reading the booklet through the simple and cartoonish imagery of Jesus’ tale. My job is of course to illustrate the whole thing and make sure it is not only easy for kids to read the book, but also be entranced by the bright and colourful imagery.

The job started on January 19th, and ended on February 20th. Katy was so pleased with my efforts, that she gave me a very substantial bonus.

This was a fantastic job, and it’s so amazing how a job this great came right out of the blue, as Katy approached me and asked me personally to design this booklet. I am honoured and am looking forward to working with her again.

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