Iggy’s owner and duchess of the mansion. She serves as the “princess” of the game; getting captured or fleeing from zombies, and it’s up to you the player, as Iggy, to reunite with her, safe and sound. Will  she make it out alive at the end of the game? Play for yourself to find out! 😀

As you can see, she’s known by quite a few names. And honestly, I’m a bit unsure myself as to what name we settled on this character. The Google App Store site for the game implies her name is “Bianca”, but I always thought it was “Fiona”, and I think sometimes 16 Swans still refers to her as “Sofia”. So even I’m confused.

This character was fully designed by me.

The main traits 16 Swans wanted me to capture for this character was to make her look wealthy, and also a bit pudgy. I don’t really know why, but I like it. It gives her more of a unique look amongst other video game “princesses”, and it’s a stature that stereotypically suits a duchess. The vague description for her design allowed for a lot of creative freedom, so I tried quite a few designs before we settled on this one. You can see some of her previous designs down below. On top of being pudgy though, I still wanted to make her look cutesy and attractive, and I think the flower in her hair and curly locks really add to this.

Bianca / Sofia / Fiona is the only character in the game to not have an in-game sprite. She is present only during the intro and outro to the game.

015_Bianca_Standing 016_Bianca_Crouching 017_Bianca_Hugging

008_Bianca_Initial_Designs_A 009_Bianca_Initial_Designs_B