An enemy character that I believe makes its first appearance in the Library level. This guy’s perk is that he’ll charge at Iggy really fast if he sees him directly in his line of vision. I believe it is possible for Iggy to escape the Brute Zombie quick enough before it catches him.

This was the first character I designed for the game, and it served as an example of my sense of style and design for the rest of the game’s assets and characters. But as this is the first design, its quality is not the best as we were not aware at the time of what resolution and document size worked best for the rest of the characters.

This guy’s design brief was simple; make him look strong and stupid. I had lot of fun being humorous with its design as I experimented here and there. You can find some sketch examples down below. In the end, we went with this one. Simple, and effective. It’s got the qualities of stupid and menacing; with its posture and pink socks to exemplify his doofy expression, and its powerful arms to show its intimidation. The scar on its shoulder is a little something extra I put to spawn some ideas as to how this guy became a zombie. I wanted to be cautious with its in-game sprite to not make it too big, lest it would leave little room for the level designers to make puzzles.

025_Brute_Zombie_Top_Calm 026_Brute_Zombie_Top_Charge 001_Brute_Zombie_Initial_Design