The standard enemy encountered throughout most of the game. Iggy’s Mansion had quite a few butlers. And all of them seem to come from the same family, as they all look the same. Although, I didn’t want this to be the case, as I had designed two extra versions of the Butler Zombie for the sake of variety. But those two versions were eventually scrapped in favour of “the green one”. You can check out the other two versions down below.

The Butler Zombie is one of the few characters already designed by the Previous Illustrator. However, 16 Swans felt its appearance didn’t suit the rest of the game’s visuals or tone. So they asked me to redesign this enemy. In the end, I went with a classic hunchback tall figure with most of its clothes still intact, unlike most of the other enemies in the game. I experimented with other butler appearance cliches for the designs, including a twirly moustache and sideburns. But in the end, 16 Swans asked for this zombie design, but have its moustache removed. I forget the reason why. What you see here is the design for the enemy before its moustache was removed (I couldn’t be assed to show its current appearance.)

16 Swans and I really love the way this character looks in the way. Like a classic Goomba or Badnik, this Butler Zombie has an iconic look to him, that i think people would recognise if we were to use him again in a possible future sequel.


019_Butler_Zombie_Blue 020_Butler_Zombie_Red