An enemy character that mostly haunts the Laboratory level. This enemy’s perk is that electrifies any puddle of water it steps in. So Iggy will have to be really careful he’s not standing in something damp when this guy’s skulking around…

This is my favourite character design out of the whole bunch. The idea of an electrified zombie scientist really “sparked” my imagination! 8D ……Yeah, sorry.

Anyway, yeah, this design had so much potential in terms of ideas. I’ve shown a couple of example sketches below to demonstrate what I mean.

We thought this design worked the best, as it was both freaky and funny. The charred zombie skin, the Frankenstein-esque hair and the torn jaw all give it morbid qualities, and its burnt lab coat and extension cord wrapped around it best describes its occupation before it became a zombie. But the shape of the hair and its wonky goggles add to a sense of humour surrounding its appearance. Also, did you notice the rubber glove it’s wearing is completely unharmed? XP

I even went the extra mile and animated some of the sparks emitting from its hair for its in-game sprite. I believe the animator for the game left it in untouched.

028_Electro_Zombie_Top 004_Electro_Zombie_Initial_Designs_A 005_Electro_Zombie_Initial_Designs_B