This is a video game project I worked on for about 8 – 9 months. It was made for the Android and iOS.

It is an action game where you have to guide a pug named Iggy through his own home mansion, because it has become infested with zombies. On top of that, Iggy’s owner, The Duchess, is presumably captured or fleeing from the zombies, and it’s your job to reunite Iggy with his beloved owner so that they can escape this hellish nightmare together!

The following images listed here are all drawn by me.

As per their instruction, all of these images have been watermarked with the 16 Swans logo for security and protection.

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This is my first ever video game project that has been fully completed. I took it incredibly seriously and delivered the best performance I could muster; giving the best effort I could and displaying the best amount of professionalism. I wanted this job to work out so that I may get one step closer to achieving my dream; to become a video game designer / director.

This project required me to draw the characters, assets, and backgrounds. On top of that, I also did the title logo for the game, and even done a bit of animating for the sake of cutscenes. It was a very hefty, and long project, with lots to do and lots to illustrate.

But it has been a very worthwhile project. Not only is it unique, but it is also created by some of the most passionate game developers I’ve seen yet, and it’s been a true pleasure working with them. They made this game as their first entry into the industry, and they are starting their own company called 16 Swans. As such, whenever I refer to the guys I worked with for the duration of this project, I refer to them as 16 Swans. After this project, I agreed to start a long-term partnership with them, and I look forward to many more video game projects they have in store.

It’s also worth noting that this particular project already had an illustrator working on designing all the characters and assets, and he even finished some that were used in the final version of the game. However, he had to leave shortly after the project began to pursue different work, and so I volunteered to step in and finish what he started. So on top of designing everything, I also had to draw it in the style of the Previous Illustrator, whose style was very unusual to my own. But 16 Swans were so impressed by my passion and dedication to the job, as well as how well I’ve emulated the designs to his style. In fact, even more so, as they believe I have added more colour and charm to the game’s visuals more so than the Previous Illustrator did. As such, they even requested me to redraw some of the Previous Illiustrator’s designs in the style that I have presented for everything else in this project.

You can find out more information about the game through the Google Play Page, the Trailer, and the 16 Swans Website.

Take a look at these gameplay screenshots to see what the game is like:

002_Gameplay_Screenshot_1 003_Gameplay_Screenshot_2 004_Gameplay_Screenshot_3