The main protagonist of the game; an adorable pug who just loves life and his owner Bianca. He is just a simple pug however, so he really shouldn’t be fighting zombies. Guide him through each room to the end to get out of the mansion and reunite with his beloved owner!

Iggy is one of the few characters in the game that was already designed by the Previous Illustrator. But by the time he left the project, there was still many expressions Iggy needed to show for the sake of cutscenes and gameplay, and thus I still needed to draw him in these many poses. You can find examples of expressions I’ve made for Iggy at the bottom of this post.

16 Swans were so impressed by the colour and expression I’ve given to Iggy, that they requested me to redraw his in-game sprite (what you see above) to fit in with the rest of my designs. Though it didn’t require much editing, the way Iggy looks now is noticeably brighter to what he was before.

If we are planning on making another Iggy game, I’m going to redesign Iggy to make him look more of a unique protagonist, as that was one of the thoughts that came up during the game’s development.

006_Iggy_Victory_1 007_Iggy_Victory_2 008_Iggy_Victory_3 009_Iggy_Victory_4 010_Iggy_Victory_5 013_Iggy_Ghost 011_Iggy_Sitting 012_Iggy_YOW 003_Ghost_Iggy_Sketches