The setting of the entire game and most of where the zombie apocalypse takes place. Why? No one knows…

16 Swans didn’t really know what they wanted in terms of the mansion’s appearance so this led to a lot of creative freedom for me. But after I made a full design, for some reason, they wanted me to make it look more intimidating by increasing the size of the top of it. I feel this is to make the presence of the zombies more apt; as it looks more of a haunted house now. But since this is also the residence of the kind and sweet Bianca / Sofia / Fiona, I feel it kinda goes against her character to live here. But it’s outta my hands. At the very least, it does look unique and that makes me happy.

I wanted to make the mansion look big enough to accommodate all the levels in the game. And I even had the idea of creating an overworld map that shows Iggy’s progress through the mansion as he goes further through the game. You can see what I mean below. However, this idea was scrapped, in favour of a menu select that is akin to an Angry Birds game. However, 16 Swans have told me they are willing to change their minds and maybe include a change of the overworld map in a later patch for the game. But we don’t know this for sure.

I also thought of making a short cutscene between each world to show Iggy’s progress in entering each level. So for instance, when he clears the Bedroom level, a cutscene will show him entering the Library level. But there was no time for this for both me and 16 Swans, so that idea was also scrapped.