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I was also asked to handle the storyboards for the animated cutscenes, as well as draw all the assets for them, so that the game’s animator can take them and make the cutscenes.

I have little experience in animation, but I took the challenge anyway. The most that I could do, on top of designing all the assets, was sort them frame by frame and present it in a slideshow animation to give the animator an idea of how I felt the scenes should be paced. I added no tweens to the images whatsoever. But it seems in the final product, the scenes stayed that way. I thought the animator would edit each limb and move them like the animations for the in-game sprites. I guess that was not the case. Furthermore, I added in some additional assets and scenes that weren’t originally in the plans, but I thought would be necessary for the better pacing of these scenes. But I think 16 Swans removed certain assets as well as chop a scene out of the intro and place it after the player has completed the first level of the game.

Regardless, this intro required a lot of work to not only design for, but to animate as well. I also made the outro for the game, buuuut… I’m not going to show you it here. if you want to see what the outro is like, you gotta play the game! X)

As I described in “Iggy’s Mansion”, I originally had the idea to make a cutscene of Iggy entering the next level, to show how he moves from room to room. But this ideas was dropped as neither I nor 16 Swans had the time for that. That and also, I seriously underestimated the time it took to make these scenes, so making 6-7 more cutscenes would take up a LOOOOOOOOT of time.