Nearing the end of the game’s development cycle, we were contemplating how the collectables of the game should look. For the longest time, they were just stock images of stars. But we thought about having something more unique and iconic for this game. Something  that’s still shiny and tantalising to the eye, but would best be attributed to this game.

Since Iggy’s a dog, the answer for me was simple; bones. But not just any bones. Diamond Bones. Or Golden Bones even. I even made those illustrations to see what the guys think.

However, in the end, we still decided on having Stars be the main collectable in the game. So I made a couple of variations to make them better suited for the game.

Honestly, I still kinda prefer the Golden Bone idea. But maybe I shouldn’t have made them look as overly extravagant as I have. Either way, we still went with the Stars. Although, I don’t think the Stars used in the final game are the ones you see here, but it’s not a big deal anyway. I enjoyed drawing them at the very least.

065_Star_Original_A 066_Star_Original_B 067_Diamond_Bone 068_Golden_Bone