The first “world” of the game; The Bedroom. This is where Iggy wakes up from dreamland and starts his trek through this hellish nightmare.

This isn’t a screenshot of the game, but rather a squareshot made by me to demonstrate most of the assets I made for this level.

This shot should give an idea of the kind of perspective I had to work in when designing this area.

16 Swans really wanted this world to look perfect, this being the first world of the game and all. They wanted it to leave a great first impression for all players. Thus, they asked me to make it loo as colourful and cosy as possible, to suit its placement as the first world. And we believe I’ve succeeded in doing that. I believe I made the place look as welcoming and detailed as it can be. We also wanted to be extra careful though that Iggy doesn’t blend in with the colour of the floor.