Species: Valderverr / Skorned

Age: Unknown

Personality: Unknown

Description: A demonic figure that Madame Abnoba described to Artie as the leader of the Skorned race.

He and the race as whole were once an entirely different race called the Valderverr. They were a fine species of wolf-human hybrids that lived in solitude, away from the raging battles of the Great War of Dark and Light.

But little did they know that Skolliath, his brother, and his father plotted against them and the entire world by performing a ritual to obtain the amazing powers of light and darkness. In exchange for these powers, Skolliath and his brother had to sacrifice their right arms.

The ritual succeeded, and Skolliath was imbued with immeasurable power. What’s worse is that the Valderverr were caught in the crossfire and were mutated by the powers of light and darkness to turn into the now demonic race called the Skorned.

What has become of Skolliath’s brother and father is unknown. But what sort of monster has Skolliath become himself?…

Artie will have to find out.