An illustration for Kelsey Hails.

This is a promo shot for her story called House of Cards, featuring quite a group of colourful characters.
You can check out her profile to learn more about them, but I’ll label them from top left to bottom right:

– Arii Fetu’mataara (top left – old Hawaiian guy)
– Raatira Arava’ruma (top middle – sexy Hawaiian lady)
– Aizapal (top right – yellow fish superhero)
– Jackson (bottom far left – fat classy guy)
– Rhiannon (bottom left – red-haired lady)
Fleet (bottom left – rabbit)
– Maximilian (bottom right – eccentric green-clothed guy)
– Hina’huero (bottom far right – Hawaiian maid)
Ana’pio (far right – vini bird)