Species: Skorned

Age: N/A

Personality: Vain, Obsessive, Sadistic

Description: The monstrous amalgamation of Barician and a salmon (which just so coincidentally happened to be the mascot of Aquapiper Academy).

After a frustrating magic battle with Ianassa, and a swift defeat by Artie, Barician used his last resort move; fusion. And he did it with the first thing in his line of sight; a salmon. The result is Barician Salmon. Or as a commenter of the comic cleverly called him “Bar-fish-an” (great name dude XD).

Normally Barician would not want to change his suave appearance under the conditions of fusion, especially with something gross as a fish, but Barician felt he had no choice. Luckily for him, he transformed into a monstrous four-legged fish creature, with an intense hatred and voracious appetite for knight children.

In this form, he is the Skorned that has come the closest to defeating Artie by actually devouring him. Unfortunately, Artie managed to hit a sweet spot in his insides that caused him to regurgitate him back out. Artie took advantage of his ensuing daze and dealt the final blow.

Though he is dispatched rather quickly in the comic, I intend to make Barician Salmon a full-blown boss battle in the Golden Sky Hero game. He will still have one weak spot, but it will be hard to crack because of the armour’s durability, as well as his large stature and wild movements.

Appearance: Barician Salmon is a four-legged fish creature that carries traits of Barician’s design and the design of a normal salmon. Although, interestingly, even though the salmon that Barician fused with was one of the Alaskan kind, the design of the fusion reflects that of a Sockeye Salmon. You can tell by the position of fins on his body, as well as his exaggerated underbite. He still retains Barician’s assets, like his luscious dark manes, his hairy legs and arms, his moustache… even his gold tooth and rings made it into the design. His look is a freakish blend of fur and scales. Truly one of the more oddball designs I’ve made yet. His skin is a gradient from Barician’s natural skin colour to a bright pink to reflect the salmon that Barician fused with; it was a special salmon called the “Blue and Pink Salmon”, because of its strange pink pattern on its blue body.