This is a video game soon to be released by Joystick Jockey on the Xbox Live Marketplace, making this the first console game I have worked on.

It is an action game similar to Pong, except you need to hit the ball into the moving vertical goals to win points. You play as a selection of 6 monsters who can work in teams of two or less to kick the ball off walls and into the opponent’s goals.

I was commissioned by Pierre Joshua, the creator of the game, to draw several illustrations for it.

You can find out more about the game through this link: Monster Ball

Click on the frames below for an extensive description about each one.


Monster_Ball_Cover_Frame Website_Banner_Frame Intro_1_Frame Intro_2_Frame Intro_3_Frame Intro_4_Frame Intro_5_Frame Intro_6_Frame Intro_7_Frame Intro_8_Frame