Choose_Your_Artist My name is Joe Elliot Davies.

I’m an Illustration graduate whose two favourite things are video games and drawing. My dream one day is to be the designer / director of my own video game franchise. I live in the UK, taking on as many commissions as I can to keep myself afloat, so I can not only keep providing drawings here, but also to beef up my portfolio and get some experiences illustrating for video games. My speciality is character and concept design, though I have dabbled in environmental and vehicle designs as well. I mostly draw humanoids, but I’m totally fine with drawing animals too. I especially love to draw cartoony and even weird characters that are fully expressive and each have a unique charm about them, whatever it may be. I look forward to drawing as many cool characters as I can in the future.


You can find many examples of this in my personal pet project – Golden Sky Hero – a fantasy adventure about a boy named Artie who gains super strength from a mysterious gem he finds in a cave, and uses it to fight a strange werewolf menace that abducted his entire village. The story may sound simple, but I plan to make it a ton more interesting by adding in details of the world’s lore and introduce original characters and races. Artie for instance is not human, but rather, a Wolkhar. A humanoid species whose identifiable characteristics are their huge rubbery arms and spindly legs, and their righteous afros. But, being a kid, Artie is just as unknowing of the world around him as the viewer would be, and this epic adventure would not only change him forever, but also get you excited for intense battles and comedic situations. I hope one day to turn this into a video game, and the feedback I got in this regard is very pleasing. People who read the comic can see how it would work, which is such a good thing to hear. If you want to set off on a grand adventure with a pint-sized knight, check out the comic and read to your heart’s content!