And here we go.

This is probably the most important page of the comic I’ve done yet; the one that visually establishes what Golden Sky Hero would be like as a video game.

I imagine it as a sidescrolling beat ’em up, where Artie has to defeat the werewolves in the manner you’ve seen in the previous pages. The werewolves will disappear when Artie has struck them in the right place, namely, their armour.

Likewise, Artie’s armour represents his health. If he gets hit, he loses a segment of the armour bar in the top left corner of each frame, as well as visually lose a piece of armour on his character. When Artie has lost all of his armour, he will be completely vulnerable to attack, as indicated by the bar being red in the third frame, with his head instead of his helmet. When this happens, Artie can still defend himself with his fists and kicks, but one more attack would defeat him. So, in order to repair the armour (in essence, replenishing health), Artie has to find bits of cover among the level to hide behind, like the bush in the third frame. Once he hides behind it, a speech bubble shows he is working on armour to get him back to full spirits. The monsters won’t notice him getting behind foreground objects, as long as they are off the screen or haven’t already noticed him by the time he enters a foreground object.

Furthermore, the werewolves can hide in the shade, which was also shown at the end of Chapter 2 of this comic. And Artie can also use some foreground scenery like weak trees to demolish the werewolves for a few hits.

These are the mechanics I have thought of for the game so far. Hopefully one day, they’ll become a reality. 😉

So what do you think? Does this concept sound appealing to you? Would you play the game with these mechanics? What criticisms or other ideas do you have in mind for this concept?

Anyway, on to the next page!


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