Like Artie would really die now! x3

But who is that figure who saved him? Maybe we’ll find out in the future…

Also, those symbols at the top of the page are text characters for the language of the Bernumaids (maybe I’ll call it Bernumese). Reason being is if I want this spell to sound more magical, I think the Bernumaid saying it in her native language would make it sound more otherworldly.

So yeah, the Bernumaids have their own language as well (as well as the other races of Golden Sky Hero for that matter). Not sure when / if I’ll get around to designing a lexicon for the race.

By the way, I do hope you like the frame composition of this page, as well as the filter over the frames that gives an underwater effect. Because I wish to know that now before I do Chapter 5, since the majority of that chapter is going to be set underwater. ;P


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