Everyone’s favourite owl is back! Here’s a simple page about him.

What do you think of the sky?


Comic shoutout this time: Sons of the Forgotten by Rufo Ayuso and David Hueso.



One of my favourite webcomics so far. It’s a fantasy comic with breathtaking imagery, excellently designed characters, witty dialogue, dynamic action, bold colours, interesting lore, great expressions, JUST… everything is so awesome about this comic! I can’t recommend this comic enough to any fantasy lover, as I will no doubt gain a lot of influence from reading its awesome pages. ^^

It’s a relatively new comic, so there aren’t that many pages yet. And each page upload seems to take quite a while to finish. But understandably so; this comic is absolutely stunning in detail and colour and would naturally take a long to complete. Yet the wait is well worth it.

I can’t wait to see more pages. Show your love by checking out their comic as well! The more views they get, the more inclined they’ll be to upload quicker, who knows? Read it now!  😀


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