This is probably one of my favourite pages of the chapter. Because I get to show more of Aquapiper Academy while showing ways on how stealthy Artie and Ianassa can be in the setting.

btw, forgot to upload this yesterday. Sorry. <P


Comic shoutout this time: Blindsprings by Kadi Fedoruk


Not sure if this comic even needs a shoutout because of how huge and successful of a webcomic it is, but hey, every little helps. And it’s not like it doesn’t deserve it because it truly is a beast of a webcomic. So many chapters with truly fascinating lore and characters, combined with gorgeous art and detail. It stands as a testament to the whole medium, so if you have any interest to make webcomics yourself, I highly suggest you read this comic. There’s a lot to read, but there’s a lot to enjoy.


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