This school really is like a maze. To the point where ti looks like Ianassa still gets lost… Uh oh…


Comic shoutout this time: The Din by Karin Rindevall.


A colourful, but dark comic about a worldwide massacre caused by a weird screeching noise caused by technology. Because if this, humanity has had no choice but to revert back to their old-fashioned means of survival; no technology whatsoever. This is of course a harsh situation for all, but the story focuses on three people, all in different time periods. The most prominent one so far is Gregg Emilio, a young boy who is son of a military sergeant, and is so fascinated to fly in planes one day. Of course, with the world in the panicked and restrictive state it’s in, Gregg’s new hobby is very concerning to everyone. It’s a great read, with relatable characters and great colours, and it’s a great perspective into what life would be like for someone ho live sin a world that fears technology. Be sure to give it a good read!


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