And so, Chapter 5 ends. On to Chapter 6, where an epic battle will begin!!

Ianassa VS. Barician, & Artie rescuing hostages! It’s going to be an action-packed chapter, folks, so I hope you’ll be along for the ride! 😀

Until then, see you at Chapter 6!


Comic shoutout this time: Gemini Journey by Tracy MacLauchlan and Yesenia Carrero.


A very dazzling and beautiful comic that stars two weird characters simply trying to make it through everyday life. But their devil may care personalities often get them in big trouble.

It’s a very unique comic with cool-looking character and backgrounds, and most notably a one frame per page style of pacing. It’s an interesting way to see how a comic can be well-paced with what is essentially a slideshow-style presentation. Do yourselves a favor and give it a read; you may find it very enlightening, if not very funny. ^^


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