I decided to redesign the Bernumaid race. Or as I’m calling them now; the Mermasio. A name I’m much happier with.

This is a little mood board of design elements. The main shape of them is roughly the same, but a lot of the little details have changed.

I went with much sleeker and thinner manta capes, because their thicker counterparts may come across as off-putting.

I gave them their stingers back. but they’re much smaller now. Maybe I’ll give them the ability to stretch, we’ll see.

They now have webbed hands and feet. And their feet look like normal human feet now. Just to make them look more appealing. I don’t know why I didn’t go with it before.

And their faces have changed drastically. I’ve now given them eyelashes, with properties similar to a jellyfish.

Their noses are normal now, but they’re usually rather rounded, more so than a human’s nose. This is to give them a cute factor.

And their ears are just regular human ears now. I experimented with different types of long ears, but I settled on normal-looking ones, again, for the cute factor.

And I dispensed with the black spots on their faces, as well as the coloured spots on their bodies. Though I might still give this feature to certain ones, just not all of them.

Their hair is the same as before. Nothing’s changed there.


I’m gonna do another batch of concepts for this race to show how they look and whether I’m happy with this new aesthetic. We’ll just have to see. :)